Yoga is Unity Consciousness

By Akash Bornstein

The tendency to criticize or to feel competetive with other yoga teachers is in direct opposition with the very principals on which yoga is based.

What does it mean to be a Yoga Teacher? What is the spirit of a yoga teacher?

Yoga is a science of transformation, of liberation, of healing, and of service. Yoga removes the veils that keep us from realizing our connectedness to All That Is.

Competition is inherently part of the delusion of seperation.

There is an important place and purpose for all of the many systems of Hatha Yoga.

Each system will appeal to a person with a particular nature, a particular temperament.

Each serves humanity in a special way. That is what we are here for. It is our dharma as yoga teachers to show love and respect towards all other teachers, all other paths. All are working towards the Oneness which is our highest aspiration, as well as our own true Reality.

One of the classes which we offer as part of our training course is called “Ethics for Yoga Teachers.” All aspects of the yamas and niyamas are explored in this context. New graduates are asked to never “put down” other teachers, which would be the opposite of Ahimsa, non-harming. We ask them to never try to “steal” students from other teachers, practicing Ashteya, non-stealing.

With the rising popularity of yoga and the phenomenal amount of media exposure, literally millions of people are becoming open and receptive to yoga. There are millions of people who need yoga. As the great Master Yogananda said, “That which is yours will come to you.”

Your unique style and energy will attract those students who are meant to come to you. Trust that, and rest in the knowledge that if you serve with compassion and a pure heart, you will be provided with everything you need. Your joy level will soar as you begin to support and encourage your fellow teachers of all paths, and all systems.

We are priviledged to share this ancient wisdom which has been handed down to us through countless teachers, saints and sages. Let your teaching be a vehicle for unconditional love and healing, and students will come flocking to you.

Be a living example of generosity, compassion, and servicefulness. The rewards that will be yours are immeasurable.

Om Shanti shanti shanti,

Akash Bornstein
Co-founder, Radiant Light Yoga