Yoga Teachers and Meditation

By Akash

Class is over, students are gathering up mats, smiling, and walking out into a world of movement with a sense of inner stillness. One stops in front of you, glowing from head to toe. “You’ve changed my life!”, she says, and a warm trickle goes up your spine. Inwardly, you offer it at the feet of Omnipresence.

Another student follows, this one emanating an intense anger and pain. The transforming power of yoga has definitely brought up some issues, and now it is being projected your way. Again, you inwardly lay it all before that Power which animates all of creation. You remain free. You, after all, are not the Doer.

How can one possibly develop this degree of detachment?
There is only one answer, and it begins with a capital “M”. Meditation is the key for yoga teachers. Teaching yoga is an honor and a privilege. Imagine thousands of years of teachers, sages, rishis, masters, all standing behind you: a guiding golden light. How can we act as channels for this Divine Path of Light? With humility and dignity, and with compassion.

These qualities are developed in our silent practice, alone, in the solitude of our meditation space.

When we teach, we can sometimes be the target of projections, as well as being put on a pedestal (another type of projection!). It is through our daily practice of sitting in the silence that we can learn to remain detached, and to recognize that a Higher Power is acting through us.
“The instrument is blessed by that which flows through it”, said the great Indian Master, Paramhansa Yogananda.

It is by meditation that we develop intuition, the voice of the soul, which guides how we speak, the flow of our classes, the special ways in which we can touch the lives of our students.

Our meditation helps us to remain centered and to emanate peace even when we are facing challenges in our lives. In that way we become living examples of yoga.

Meditation strengthens our energy field. This allows us to shift energy without “taking on” any negative thoughts or moods of those whom we are helping.

Meditation builds magnetism, which attracts those students who will be most helped by the unique expression each of us brings to our teaching.
Our meditation practice helps to stay clear and clean within, so that the power of yoga is not misused for our own ego-gratification. Then that power helps to reinforce our spiritual lives and that of our students.
If you haven’t yet committed yourself to a daily practice, this is the perfect moment to start! Begin with a length of time that feels right to you, and let your meditation practice be the most beautiful gift that you give to yourself. The quality of what you give to your students will reflect the quality of your time alone in silence.

You’ll soon find that the time you spend in meditation lengthens naturally, as your inner life becomes ever richer and more satisfying.

You will awaken each morning with joyous expectation towards the special time with Spirit, your own Divine Beloved.

Om Shanti, Shanti, Shanti